I want to want a Surface Pro 2. Except I want a 13" rMBP instead.

Hi all. I currently own a 15" gaming notebook that's plenty powerful for my needs. However, its size, weight, and fairly limited battery life necessitates that I purchases something smaller and with more longevity. I was hoping that the Surface Pro 2 would be such a device, but I am sadly dismayed.

The problem is simple. For $1300, I can get an SP2 with 8gb ram, a 256gb ssd. No touch/type cover or anything.

For $1344 (this pricing is through my university, just as a warning), I can get a 13" rMBP with the same amounts of ram and storage, a superior processor with superior graphics, significantly better battery life, a keyboard, a better trackpad, and it runs both OS X and Windows, and what could be considered a better screen (Definitely higher quality, but 1080p is more comfortable for me when working in Windows, which I plan to do a fair amount). Just no touch and no pen.

So for the same price, is a touchscreen and a pen worth the sacrifice of the ability to run an arguably better OS, a keyboard, better hardware, and better battery life? I really want the SP2, but I just can't justify it to myself in terms of actual productivity. I'm talking battery life in particular.