Using MSFT Services on Android?

TLDR: Can you effectively use Skydrive, Outlook, and Xbox Music on Androdi - I know they have the apps, but are they decent?

Hey Guys,

On a Lumia 900 (second windows phone) and deep into MSFT Services and products generally speaking (PC, Surface, XBox One on the way). However, I'm a bit frustrated by two things in the windows phone ecosystem:

- Lack of system level notifications - I was on the live tile does this train until I started using group messaging apps to make people at school happy. I don't use the apps often so they are pinned at the bottom of my screen, and just the number on the small tile hidden away hasn't worked well

- Lack of 'fun' (read useless in practicality but neat to play with) features - talking about things like touchless voice commands and such.

- Lack of 'the perfect device - really want the 1520 at about 4.5/4.7 inches. They don't make it and I want it. I don't want to get the 925 to hold me over. Also clearly low powered co-processors for motion and voice are the way OEMs are moving. Don't want to get another windows phone without this.

What I'm thinking is get something like a Moto X for 3-12 months (depending how long it takes the next hardware rev to show up) and then jump back to WP. But I can't do it unless I can continue to use my microsoft services.

So...does anyone have perspective on how easy it is to use MSFT services on Google. Primarily concerned with: Xbox music, Skydrive, and Outlook.