Got my LG G2...

So after a long time wondering what phone I should get, it came down to either the Sony Xperia Z, Nokia Lumia 925, LG G2 or the Nexus 5. While the Nexus 5 gets more timely updates from Google, battery life seems to be pretty shocking, which seems to be the case with the Xperia Z and the Lumia 925 as well. Battery life is of particular importance to me, as I travel a lot and can't afford to be without a phone for a long period of time.

So I eventually decided on the LG G2, after reading reviews I'd found out it had stellar battery life, a beautiful display, good camera and to make matters even better was priced at only £29 per month with £49 up front cost. For what is still a flagship phone, I can tell you that's pretty cheap from my carrier here in the UK.

I really didn't know how I'd feel when using the device though. I've only ever been an iOS and Blackberry user. I have a cheap Android phone (HTC Desire C) as a spare, but I very rarely use it, just because of how slow it is. So I went into the G2 with an open mind. I didn't have anything to learn, because I know how to use Android well enough already. But I really couldn't prepare myself for just how amazing this phone is.

The display, is possibly the best I've ever seen on a smartphone. I used an iPhone 4 as my daily driver before this, which has a retina display, so I'm used to a high pixel density on my displays, but the G2's display is simply gorgeous. People often say they don't see why phone's need 1080p displays, but I can tell you, I notice the difference. My dad has a Sony Xperia SP which has a 720p display. That's pretty crisp. But the G2's display takes it to another level. I simply can't see any pixels at all, not even if I try extremely hard. Colours look fantastic, blacks look pretty great, nothing compared to AMOLED but still great and I LOVE having a larger display. I never realised how restrictive the 3.5 inch display of my iPhone was.

Secondly, this thing is fast. Using my iPhone 4 with iOS 7 was acceptable, but only because I hadn't really used a faster device. The G2 is just phenomenal. It's actually a device I want to use, rather than feel like I have to use, due to it's sheer speed.

Battery life I can't be too sure on at the moment, but it seems pretty solid so far. I really need to have a couple of days proper use to be really sure, but the main point is, I feel like it's definitely going to get me through at least a day, which is good enough for me.

Now, onto another point. LG's UI. Believe it or not, I like it. I won't say I love it, but in my opinion it's no where near as bad as people are making out. I just see it as a bit of a variation on Touchwiz. A lot of elements certainly remind me of Touchwiz anyway. I personally do prefer stock Android, but I wasn't prepared to sacrifice battery life for it in the Nexus 5. I guess if LG's skin really gets to me I'll search for a way to root and flash a stock ROM.

So that's it, my first real adventure into Android and I can honestly say, I'm loving every minute so far !