Opinion: Verizon Wireless is Being an Anti-Competitive Ass

Google Wallet: Back in 2011, a feud erupted after Verizon refused to make the Google Wallet payment system available on their devices. At the time, Verizon stated that Google Wallet "needs to be integrated into a new, secure and proprietary hardware element in our phones." Except it's your phone, because you paid for it, and it should be your discretion how its software and hardware interact.

Verizon repeatedly stated that the company was "continuing our commercial discussions with Google on this issue." However, those discussions went nowhere fast, and the delay quite conveniently allowed Verizon to get their own mobile payment platform -- Isis -- out of the trial phase and into broader deployment. Check out the Isis Mobile Wallet reviews in the Google Play store for a few laughs.

Nexus 5: The original Galaxy Nexus magically and mysteriously found itself stuck in Verizon's device certification purgatory while Verizon foisted their own, bloatware-riddled Droid handsets onto consumers. Verizon dodged a bullet with the Nexus 4, since it only supported GSM. Now, despite LTE support, the most recent Nexus 5 isn't being carried by Verizon at all, though Verizon is promising a similar (read: heavily Verizon branded, bloatware infused) "set of similar projects" to be released in 2014.

Nexus 7: Google's popular seven inch tablet supports Verizon's LTE network, but is being blocked from activation. Why? Verizon will only say that a "systems issue" is to blame for the device being stuck in Verizon's device certification purgatory. Meanwhile, you can not-coincidentally now buy Verizon's own, bloatware-riddled seven inch tablet which is surely just as good, right?

Perhaps you're noticing a pattern? In each instance the safety and security of the network is used as flimsy justification for blocking or delaying products that compete with Verizon's own. And, courtesy of weak-kneed regulators, Verizon has spent years crafting a perfectly supportable regulatory framework for this obnoxious behavior.

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