[Text]: [Text] Titles

Doesn't the amount of [Text]: [Text] formatted headings on The Verge upset anyone else but me? Some examples:

"Wild skies: how long will drones for hire fly in a legal limbo?"

"Where cats glow green: weird feline science in New Orleans"

"Gray area: unravelling the inner worlds of vegetative state patients"

"‘Thor: The Dark World’ review: Marvel keeps its hot streak alive"

These are all present in the (what is it called?) Hero section on top of the site at this very moment, and any recurrent Verge-reader could witness about this format being very common indeed.

I for one think this is often a clever and interesting way to craft titles, and in the case of the last example it might even be directly useful to the reader. It's the sheer abundance that annoys me. And I know I should probably spend my time doing other things than to get upset with tiny matters, but hey I'm in uni, what else is there to do :P

If you're also in uni or have a lot of time on your hands for any other reason, me know what you think here below!