Cheapest off contract GSM phone that will get 4.4

Hi all -

I'm a WP user that is slowly migrating over to Android. I don't want to complete give up my Lumia 920 (and its amazing camera), but I do want an Android phone to play around with while still holding onto my Lumia.

That means I'm looking for something off contract. It also means I'm looking for something affordable that is still going to run well. I don't need high-end hardware for this, since it's a secondary device. No need for a 12-core processor or 420 GB of RAM. Just something effective and simple that will get the job done. This can be new or gently used.

The catch is that I would like it to be able to run 4.4 - either officially or unofficially, which is fine with me. I'm tech savvy enough to be able to handle that. But what device is going to get the support from the developer community for 4.4?

Is my best bet to just buy a used Nexus 4 for around $200? What else is out there?