A Thank You for Patrick B. Stewart

My name is Patrick Stewart. No, not THAT Patrick Stewart. Just another one in Texas. So Patrick Stewart, the actor, helped ring the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange this morning. Why was he there? Because Twitter's IPO dropped today. When interviewed, Sir Patrick said, "I guess I've become the poster boy for twitter." Yea, he sure has...partially using the Twitter handle I gave him over a year ago. For proof, you can go to my old twitter name (now his) @patrickstewart and see most of my old tweets which have yet to be deleted.

After reading the article today and seeing how big Sir Patrick has become on Twitter, I realized that he never thanked me for working with his people to transfer the name. That twitter handle documented years of important events in my life. Such as meeting the girl who I would marry, having our first child together, getting married, and having our second child together. I appreciated the opportunity to give him the name and to work with one of his assistants to get the name transferred, but I would have really liked a thank you from him personally. A tweet in my direction, even a direct message. Or maybe a mention somewhere that some young lad in TX offered up his Twitter name, that he had for several years, and that he loved.

Yes I'm a little bitter about it all I suppose. Yes I should have asked for a thank you from him a year ago when I had the chance. But you know, I'm not a very selfish person, so it didn't feel right at the time. I was too star struck by the whole experience to ask for anything, even a thank you, in return back then. I still don't want anything material from him. But if you're going to be the media's poster boy for twitter, can you please give me some credit for the help? Maybe if everyone shares this and it goes viral I can get a thank you. I thought it was worth a shot by posting it here. Maybe The Verge staff can help me out on this?