Apple Ecosystem or Microsoft Ecosystem

Products In Mind:

Surface Pro 2 -- MacBook Air 11" (2013)

Surface 2 -- iPad Air

Nokia Lumia 928 -- iPhone 5

xBox1 -- Apple TV

I plan on being locked into an ecosystem for awhile so I am thinking about what could happen in the coming

As a college student, using Onenote and Word are very nice, as well as taking hand written notes on the surface pro and being able to scan handouts into the Surface. Also, I imagine Word and Office Suite will get collaboration like iWork...and its a fact that Office is used more than iWork... I don't even know who I would collaborate with using iWork

However, Apples iPad much more portable, and iWorks is very usable, Evernote is a good alternative to OneNote
(hopefully they don't go out of business within the coming years). MacBooks are great considering I am a computer
science major, and can program for any system on a mac (using parallels, bootcamp)

As a runner, Apple looks like it is going to be in the fitness game and Microsoft is not, (Apple hired a guy from
Nike) and the smart watches are in the works, new M7 chip

As a gamer, obviously Xbox1 is better than an Apple TV...and Windows > OSX, but I am not a huge gamer and I
have managed this much. But, it would be nice to invite friends over to play xbox (And Apple TV might have a
gaming future???)

As an IT Tech, Surface 2 with all of the tools for IT Departments built in work well, iPad air has many 3rd party
apps that work well also, but I do not know how long those apps will be around, and don't want to purchase new
ones all the time.

As a young human being... iPhone has a lot of apps that I use, Windows Phone does not. (Great Facebook App, Vine, SnapChat, Active Directory Management, College App, Banking Apps, Find My Phone)

It seems right now Microsoft is good for School, Work and Games while Apple is just doable in these areas.
Apple is good for fitness, Social, and stability
Microsoft is does not seem to ever be in fitness, Social is slowly climbing.

The future of Microsoft seems to be dangling, they are looking for a new CEO, Windows Phone 8 isn't taking off very fast. While Apple has a set image, plan, and seem to be in a better position even if they bomb a product.

Thinking about current positions of the companies and future predictions, which ecosystem would be better to lock into for say 10years? (Student, Programmer, IT Tech, Runner, Casual Gamer)

P.S. (Another plus for Apple... I already have most apple products and no Microsoft products)

P.S.S (Money is not a major issue)