things you found out about the note 3 - the good and the bad

just recently i upgraded to the note 3 and these are the things that sort of either contradicted or not quite discussed in forums or in tech sites....


speakers: as good as the speakers of the note 2, kept reading in forums they are bad but I disagree.

low-light pictures: at first i didnt realize i had moved suddenly while using smart stabilization, but if i didnt move the pics are quite decent

gallery: this is the part where my note 2 struggles, its far much faster in the note 3 to load


note 2 is more solidly built than the note 3 IMO, the note 3's back is slightly better though.

its tough to pull out the s-pen, im afraid i might easily chip off the paint

one-handed mode for the smaller screen is tough lol, they should make it easier next time

side note: the smart switch works perfectly, without much difficulty I transferred all my text messages, photos, music, videos, etc in about 20 minutes. only problem is that i couldnt get it to work on my whatsapp messages.