Macbook Air 2012 SSD recall - no replacement?

TLDR; Just wondering if there's anyone out there whose MBA mid-2012 which has a faulty Toshiba SSD as identified by the update but was not able to get a replacement in the Genius Bar?

My story:

My MBA 11" was not able to boot out of a sudden about 2 weeks ago. I finally got the Genius appointment today. When I mentioned about the SSD recall, the "genius" said the SSD replacement program is only for businesses. As my Applecare was still valid for another 2 years, I pretended to be dumb and played along. He then said the MBA has to be left with them for a few weeks for diagnostics and I asked for a replacement laptop but was refused.

I suppose the genius could sense my frustration now so he ran their diagnostic program and somehow managed to install the firmware on the SSD and got it working! But to do so, he wiped all my data. After installing Mavericks, I went home and am currently restoring from the Time Machine.

Now, my fear is that since the SSD was originally identified as faulty will I suffer another episode of not being able to boot.