Microsoft Apps on the Moto X

So I posted the other day about any Windows Phones that were coming to Verizon. I was fairly dead set on getting a Windows Phone, and went into the Verizon store the following day anticipating on walking out with a Lumia 928. This didn't end up being the case, and I walked out with the Moto X.

First off, it's a fantastic phone and I highly recommend it. Everything runs exceedingly well, the batter life and camera are great, the build quality is fantastic, and the added features have become indispensable. I really, really like this phone.

That said, I still use quite a lot of Microsoft services, and I was a little disappointed that I'd have to continue using Google Drive and Google docs when I walked out of the store. When I was installing my apps (Skype in particular in this case), I saw that Microsoft had a whole suite of apps available for Android. Naturally I downloaded all of them and when I saw how well they performed, my mind was absolutely blown.

You see, I liked my old 8X so much that I kept it hanging around, and the equivalent apps on Microsoft's own platform do not run as well, in any case, as they do on Android. Xbox music in particular. It looks "better" (this is more because I like the WP design language better than I do the Android design language) on WP, but functionality is literally not even close. I wanted another WP. I loved it's straight-forward, no-nonsense approach to "smartphoning," and I really want to see it succeed. I thought I would be trading in my Moto X once I'd "given it a try" for a Lumia. The realization, however, that Android is not only a more "complete" smartphone operating system in that it has more support and more frequent updates but in that Microsoft's own apps works better on it has made switching back to WP an impractical decision for me.

So all that leads me to my question: why would Microsoft allow their apps on WP to be outpaced by those on Android? Seeing as they're a software company, it would make sense if their services were merely equal across platforms, but this is simply not the case. Is WP especially difficult to develop for? Is it not an actual focus of Microsoft at the moment? I'm still deeply involved in the Microsoft ecosystem, so this is by no means an attack on them. These are genuine questions I'm asking, and I'm curious if any of you have any answers.