My first 24 hours with the Nexus 5 and Kit Kat

I just got my Nexus 5 yesterday and after using it for a day, I felt like there were a lot of missing pieces from the Verges review along with all the other reviews that I've read.

I am new to Android, coming from an iPhone 4, iOS 7. A lot of problems I list may be due to the fact that I lack experience with Android. I feel that when it comes to iOS, reviewers nitpick everything inside and out about all the problems and lack of features that iOS has. I went into Android thinking that it was a very polished OS with great user experience. I was wrong. Here is my quick first review of Kit Kat and Nexus 5.

CONS (get ready):

Big Issues:

- There are a lot of different versions of Android. This make it incredibly difficult to look for help with specific problems I am having. There's no genius bar or one go to place to fix all my problems.

- Google Now. I love Google Now. It was one of the biggest reason why I bought the Nexus 5. Even with the my slow iPhone 4, I used Google Now all the time. Perhaps I should of done my research more but the Google Now that I was expecting was the Google Now from the Moto X. Nexus' version of Google Now is almost identical to iOS's Google Now. Google did not make this clear at launch.

-Hangouts is a mess. I can't tell if I'm texting from my GV number or my sim number. Why can I make a call with my iOS Hangouts but not my Nexus?

-My contacts are all over the place. Duplicates everywhere. When I delete one, it seems to appear back when I get a text. People that I don't talk to are in my contacts. A lot of manual cleaning I had to do.

-Notifications. Do I really need a notifications every time a picture sync to G+? Is there no easy way to customize what kind of notification I want or don't want, without having to dig through each individual app itself?

-The screen is not amazing. To me, everything looks extremely grainy with traces of aliasing.

Small Issue:

-There is no way to retrieve a dismissed card in Google Now. It seems that I just have to wait for it to appear again randomly. This was also a problem in iOS.

-Icons are not optimized for screens resolution.

-I should be able to look at my notifications in my lock screen. This should be standard.

-Why are there two apps to view my pictures? (Photos & Gallery) Just integrate them!

-Wallpapers are not high quality. Looks like there is compression problems if you look closely at KitKat's wallpapers.

-Do I really have to enter the settings to lock the rotation of my phone? And no, I do not want a third party app or widget.

-Apps and UI designs are outdated compared to iOS. There was not one app that was better than one for iOS. (Except for google music.)

-Design update is not consistent. Seems like they only updated half of Android and left the rest exactly the same. Overall, the OS design doesn't feel polished. No consistent theme.

-Email setup is not as streamline. I have a lot of emails. I had to setup all the different accounts differently each time.

-USB is hard to insert.

-No headphones. :[

-No percentage icon for battery. And no, I don't want a 3rd party app.


-The obvious: fast, powerful, good screen and of course, the price!

-I really enjoy google music app. Love that all my music is on the cloud for free.

-Perfect sized phone for me.

-I like that I can download an app from my playstore on my laptop and it would automagically download on my phone.

-I don't mind the speakers. I heard a lot of bad complaints but I think they do the job just fine.

-Everything should have wireless charging!

-Typing is great!

-Google Now being integrated is great. I only wish it was more integrated.

Feel free to comment. If you have tips on how to fix some of the nitpicks I had, I would love to hear them. Just don't tell me to download a 3rd party app. ;]