Can Google make the Nexus 5 the best phone ever?

Like many of you, I was super psyched waiting for the Nexus 5. The understated way that Google announced the N5 however was surprising. And now the N5 reviews are rolling in and the conclusions are, like the N5 announcement, by turns really positive and also underwhelming, if only compared to the absolute heights of all the pre-launch hype.

The Verge's review, I thought was fair and insightful. The "bad stuff" of camera and battery were a real letdown, given that they were prominent problems on the N4. However as I read more about them, the camera and battery problems seem to lie in software, with the basic underlying hardware of the N5 still sound.

Seriously, Android 4.4, not iOS 7 or WP8, is the most beautiful and functional OS out there. Pundits from Robert Scoble ("I think it'll become more obvious next year that Android has taken the innovation crown away from Apple (and everyone else)") to our Josh ("[KitKat] cements my belief that not only is Android leading ... from a functionality and user interface standpoint, but from a design standpoint as well") are also of the same belief.

So given the total package of hardware, software & price, doesn't Google have a shot, with the right updates to Android 4.4 KitKat, at making the Nexus 5 the best phone ever? Or to put it more symbolicly, the Verge score of 8.0 could well become a proverbial 9.0 with future Android updates?