Windows 8.2 wish list

Hello everyone,

As Windows 8.1 was released several weeks ago, I was thinking what Microsoft might be working on for their next big Windows update (8.2?).
This is some sort of a wish list of things I’d like to see being improved.

i) Better Design Consistency

It’s been a whole year since Windows 8 came out and with it the new Metro design. One could think, that this design language has affected the whole operating system by now but that is still not the case even after the release of Windows 8.1.

Take the ribbon of the file explorer for example and compare it to the ribbon of PowerPoint.


The file explorer’s icons look like they’ve been taken directly from Windows 7 whereas the PowerPoint icons are all flat and consistent with the style of Windows 8.

I think these other cases of inconsistency speak for themselves…


The arrow, the gradient background, all very Windows 7-like.


The Windows-Journal looks like it’s been designed for Windows XP.


The math input panel is just … well … this screenshot was really taken on a Windows 8 machine!

ii) Overhauled File Explorer

Not only does the ribbon design (not the ribbon itself) bother me but also the whole way the file explorer looks like in Windows 8. And since apple has introduced them in Mavericks why not implement tabs as well.
Here are some mockups I’ve prepared (notice the smaller border)




iii) More flexibility on the start screen

Whenever you try to rearrange stuff on the start screen there is some sort of invisible grid that reorders your tiles automatically often breaking down your carefully created constructions. I say: "Mr. [insert name of future Microsoft CEO here], tear down this grid! So that we are free to rearrange our applications however we want."


Notice the weather app that breaks the usual pattern.
Ah, and a function to shut down your Computer directly from the start screen would also be very nice.

iv) Multiple desktops

This is pretty much self-explanatory. I wonder why Microsoft hasn’t introduced this feature yet. One way to implement this can be seen in the image above: The multiple desktops are sort of being dealt with as separate applications and different tiles on the start screen.

v) Ability to pin the start screen

Ever since Windows 8 came out people were complaining about the lack of the start menu in favor of the start screen. One "solution" to this problem could be to make the start screen pinable. Once pinned to the left hand side of the screen it would always open that way whenever you click the start button never disrupting your work.
As a further step towards the classic start menu things like recent documents or the control panel could automatically be presented on top.


vi) Small things

Other things that bother me but aren’t that much of a problem are the lack of .gif support in the photo viewer and the fact that there is no native .pdf support in the desktop environment (the metro viewer doesn’t count :P ).

These are my basic ideas of what I would like to see in Windows 8.2. Feel free to tell me what you guys want in the next version of Microsoft’s OS in the comments below.