Dell is the Windows OEM to beat for this holiday season

I believe DELL has the best lineup of all the OEMs that announced Windows 8.1 PCs/tablets.

They cover almost all types of form factors and sizes. Let’s look at their lineup for this fall.

1. Venue 8 Pro: 8 inch tablet for $299

Though there are no reviews from tech blogs, user reviews are very positive till now.

Paul Thurott saying the screen is very good, device is light weight and it charges quickly.

Another good thing is Dell has many accessories ready.

2. Venue 11 Pro: 11 inch FULL HD tablet for $499 (64GB)

Again Dell has got some good accessories for this tablet like keyboard sleeve, keyboard dock with battery etc…

Preorders started by DELL and Amazon.

3. Inspiron 11: 11.6 inch 1366x768 laptop with touch screen for $379.

Good design, touch screen, long battery life at very attractive price.

4. XPS 11: 11.6 inch 2560x1600 display with Yoga like hinge for $999.

The design is very good and it’s very slim though I wish it has real keyboard instead of touch keyboard.

5. XPS12: 12 inch FULL HD display with flip design for $999.

Got great reviews from Laptopmag (Editor’s choice award), Notebookcheck, ArsTechnica etc…

Praised for great display, long battery life (9+ hours), good keyboard, sturdier flip mechanism.

6. XPS 13/15: $999 and $1499

Conventional laptops with beautiful, slim designs and very good specs.

There are some things that I would like to see or change for the next iterations.

1. All these tablets and convertibles should come with optional active digitizers.

Many people want to use stylus on tablets. Still don’t understand why these companies ignoring the good digitizer support.

It makes even more sense on 8 inch tablets where it will be difficult use the desktop because of the small screen.

This applies to all other OEM products.

2. Better design for tablets.

While the designs of Venue 8 Pro and 11 Pro are not bad, they are not great either.

I hope Dell puts some effort in designs of the tablets.

Microsoft surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro are very good but they cover only tablet market.

Lenovo has some good lineup with the likes of miix 2, Yoga 2 Pro, Thinkpad Yoga etc… but they did not have good 10 inch tablet.

I am sure they will release it in future but they are missing the holiday season.

HP and ASUS does not have small tablets and their convertibles are not great.

No large tablets from ACER and Toshiba.

This is my opinion.

You think Dell lineup is better than other OEM's?