Any Cheap BookBook-esque Cases?

I have a 13' Retina and its fantastic. The design is my favourite part of all. However, I want to protect it from all the rigours of the 5 years I'm going to spend with it, and after some browsing on the internet, I found the TwleveSouth BookBook which I liked a lot. However, the price and the weight (500g is simply too heavy, it basically turns my Retina into a non-Retina) is preventing me from buying it.

So, great people of Apple Core, do you have any cases similar to the BookBook that you can recommend?


-Cheap (Preferably less than $50 USD)

-Stylish (I don't want those clear/semi-translucent shells from Speck or Moshi as they look horrible)-preferably a case with book-binding design that camouflages it

-Durable (Must be able to prevent my laptop from dents and scratches)-I don't want a laptop bag as the laptop will still get damaged when its outside of it

-Light (Shouldn't add on more than 200 grams of weight to my laptop)