Google's arrogance regarding Facebook is just wrong.

Did you guys know that the Google nexus is the ONLY major smartphone brand that does not allow contact sync with Facebook? There are apps that try to fill the void but they only do a half assed job at it due to the limitations an app has.

Now don't even think about giving the technical reason behind it because I am aware of it. You know when Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, HTC, Sony and LG are all giving this option then something is clearly wrong at the end of Google and not Facebook.

Maybe Google is just arrogant and doesn't give Facebook the respect it deserves? Maybe Google+ is the reason why they are doing this? They really need to stop kidding themselves about Google+ its never going to be what they wanted it to be.

Facebook is a monopoly and you gotta bend over for them if necessary but to simply cut off Facebook sync from your phones and not even trying to resolve the issue for years now gives an indication that Google just doesn't care about the user experience. This is actually the number 1 reason why I am hesitant to recommend nexus to users of other brands because this is a feature that everyone would expect in 2013.

PS: I don't know if Motorola is offering Facebook sync or not so I haven't included them in my statement that every major brand is offering it apart from nexus.