Arabic RTL support - Android lagging far beyond, any solution?

Hello guys!

TL;DR do you know of any text editor/office suite that supports Arabic RTL writing on Android 4.0.4?

The longer story:

I have a quite poor Arabian friend here in Italy which has been gifted a cheap 7" Android tablet with 4.0.4 (link) as an "upgrade" to her very old and slow WinXP laptop.

Though this tablet is apparently a crappy POS, she was excited to be finally able to write in her own language, since that was almost impossible on her laptop (if only for the Italian keyboard layout), so we installed QuickOffice, added the Arabic keyboard in settings and opened a new document... only to discover, after being initially puzzled, that while ICS added Arabic viewing support to the OS, it has basically NO writing/editing support. On a 2012/2013 OS/device.

After further research I found that Arabic/Hebrew RTL (right-to-left) writing support was added natively in Android 4.2, but since this crappy tablet will likely never see an update to the OS (considering it shipped in Jan 2013 with 4.0.4) do you guys know if my friend has any chance to be able to create/edit Arabic Office documents on this ICS tablet? (a simple notepad without sync - found something very limited in the Play Store - won't do it)

Thanks in advance for any help/input!