My First Windows Phone Sighting!

Today marks the first time I have ever seen someone in the wild carrying a Windows Phone. Now, I consider myself pretty platform neutral (I triple boot Windows/OS X/Linux, and I've owned iPhones and Androids) and I've followed the Windows Phone reviews here, and elsewhere, and played with them many times in various retail stores. I've considered generally them a viable alternative to Android or iPhones.

I have to wonder though whether Microsoft can ever really make a dent in the mobile market (at least in the U.S.). I'm always spotting peoples gadgets to identify the make and model, and I would have thought that over the past 3 years I'd have seen more Windows Phones. It's pretty sad that I'm still seeing more Cr-48's and HP Touchpads than I've ever seen Windows Phones. The first was not available at retail, and the second was quickly discontinued and not nearly as well advertised as Windows Phones have been.

Despite Nokia's critical, if not market, success with its recent phones I doubt even Elop could give Microsoft's mobile business the turnaround it needs.