Paper, Procreate, etc. on iPad Mini?

Does anyone who currently owns an iPad Mini use Paper by 53 or Procreate on it on a daily basis? If so, how would you describe your experience? Did you come from a larger iPad and do you miss it, or is the tradeoff for a smaller form factor worth it?

I've been playing with Paper 53 at the Apple Store on a Mini and it was nice, but it's hard to get an idea of what I would feel using it daily rather than just a few minutes in a store. I do most of my sketching during my breaks at work or when I'm out and about on weekends, so portability is very important. While the iPad Air with the gorgeous larger display has been quite a pleasure to use this past week or so, I still can't seem to stop myself from thinking I would still like a smaller form factor iPad to sketch on just like I would with a pocketable notepad.

That Air display is so big and beautiful. But... it's so nice being able to effortlessly palm a Mini that is so lightweight! Cant... decide!