Who bought Tweetbot and feel ripped off?

Buying a Twitter app is something I'd never thought I'd do. But after an insane amount of positive press this app has received I decided to borrow my friend's credit card and purchase it. It has been a fucking nuisance since day 1.

My problem is that the notifications flat-out don't work 70% of the time. Initially when I bought the app they didn't work at all for 2 days. Then they started working. Then the same day they randomly stopped working. I'd open settings and see that they had disabled them self on their own. This is what has been happening ever since. I'd be receiving notifications just fine, then they'd stop working and I'd find out that they some got disabled on their own.

I've tried contacting them on Twitter. I got one idiotic response which was basically 'turn it off and back on' kind of BS. I emailed and got a similar response. The email even said to contact back if it didn't work. I've sent repeated emails, I've asked numerous times on Twitter and I've gotten no response for a single one of them.

I contacted the developer and sent a separate email to get a refund and still no response. $3 means nothing to me. But these guys created a huge cry over how they had to work their ass off to come up with a new app to charge customers AGAIN so an explanation is the least they can do.

Funnily enough if you visit their Twitter support timeline you'll see most people complain about a similar issue. And all the responses they've given they've basically acted like it's the first they're hearing about this.