How Do You Use Your Cloud Storage?

I currently have cloud storage spread out over various services. I have 25GB with Google Drive (10GB will expire next year with from the Quickoffice promo), I have 50+ GB with Dropbox (again, through a promotion with Samsung 50GB will expire in years), 25GB with Skydrive, 50GB with Box, 5GB with PogoPlug and 20GB with Amazon.

Right now, all my photos auto-sync to Google+ and that works pretty well. I'm just not sure how to use the rest of it. I use Google Drive to store my documents, apps I've downloaded for sideloading and random stuff from time to time. I use Box as more of an archive for things I want to keep but won't necessarily use anytime soon. I use Amazon's cloud for an off-site backup for my music files since storing MP3s doesn't count against your storage limit. I plan on getting rid of the Amazon cloud as I have a backup of my MP3s on a server at work on a secret share (the perks of being of the system admins and it will save $20 a year). Skydrive and Dropbox are used primarily as private Netflix servers. I don't want to get to used to Dropbox when I'll lose the majority of my storage in 2 years.

I was curious to see what other people's cloud strategy was so I can use what I have a little more effectively.