Buyers Regret.

My Nexus 5 turned up yesterday. Now, don't take this as a post knocking the Nexus 5, or Kitkat or Google in general. The phone is a top notch bit of machinery. This in not that kind of post.

I bought it in a silly bit of online impulse buying on Friday morning (Thursday arvo for you Americans). The Blogs announced it in headlines, "Awesome!", and I quickly jumped in to Google Play and bought it before they inevitably went out of stock. About $480 Australian suddenly spent on a White 32GB Nexus 5.

So here it is. It's quite nice, but then I look at my one year old Xperia TX. It's a bit battered now. Scratched screen and the back doesn't clip on perfectly, but the screen is still lovely and just yesterday Android 4.3 was announced for it. To be honest it's not that different. It does the same stuff. It is still powerful enough. It acts pretty much the same. I have never got into the microscopic detail obsessions some people here get into with hardware. My Nexus definitely better, but is it $500 worth of better? With Christmas coming up and all sorts of expenses that go with that, I think perhaps I shouldn't have dun it.

Are there people who have bought an iPhone 5S to replace their 4s and felt the same way? A bit nicer, a bit bigger, but when it comes down to it, essentially the same thing and "Why did I need to spend that money?"

So, no deep point. Just venting my feelings at this moment.