Andandtech's Brian Kluge on the N5:

So Anandtech had a live show, in which one segment focussed on the Nexus 5. I'm summarizing (from memory) some of the things that came up:

1) Build: not super premium, but not cheap feeling. Ceramic buttons are sharp, making them easier to find. Its super light, and not much broader than the N4. Doesn't feel like its a 5" phone.

2) Camera: He thinks there's a certain amount of bad rep going on here, along with issues with the "live view" being 16:9 vs. the 4:3 (?) final image. He says he's fairly certain the pixels are 1.4 microns (which is great), and he emphasizes that barring the sensor at the end of the stack, this is the same camera as on the G2. He praised the OIS, dissed the software a bit, but said that while the camera quality won't blow your mind, it is good enough to compete with the top of the line, and that taking the phone's price into account, its a no brainer that this is a great camera unit. Pretty much my thoughts on this, so good to see it being verified so often.

3) Battery: Here too he seemed to indicate that things were better than what was being reported (which also matches Wired, which said the battery life was great). He says its a definite improvement over the N4, and while he didn't give out actual numbers or compare with other smartphones, he left the impression that the battery life was also good enough while not being mind blowing. He's pretty sure LG chose to cut corners and not have a stacked battery due to cost considerations. This seems perfectly reasonable to me

4) Display: He doesn't have numbers yet, but he says the display gets bright, has good viewing angles, and has Panel Self Refresh! He said that while with many screens you'd say "this is weirdly green, or blue, etc", this display wasn't weirdly anything. The overall impression I got was that the display was very good.

That's all I can remember for now, but hearing these thoughts, and also Wired's rather glowing review of the N5, I'm ecstatic I put in an order. Now to wait for the damn thing to ship in 2 weeks.