Help for a [potential] noob (PLEASE?)

Bros and lady bros,

I'm seriously tempted by the Lumia 2520, but I have never had a Windows RT device. Can you answer a couple of questions for me? These are things that experienced Windows folks probably know, but I can't seem to find answers for them.

1. The Office for RT apps are very similar to the x86 versions except for some small things like not having plugins in Excel. Is it known whether MS plans to bring these up to feature parity with x86 office or will plugins never work in RT?

2. What's the current state of jailbreak efforts for Windows RT 8.1? Do we expect this to happen soon, or do we not know how long it will take at this point?

3. How well does Remote Desktop work in Windows RT?

4. How is the Kindle app?

5. Are there any gotchas about RT besides the lack of apps/incompatibility with x86?

Thanks in advance!