New Macbook Air 2013 (13") Battery - Does It Get Better With Charging Cycles?

I recently purchased a new MBA 2013, 13". Had saved the Mavericks installer App which I had downloaded on my iMac 27". After brining home the new MBA; the first thing I did was to upgrade to Mavericks using the installer app. Everything was smooth as expected.

I however noticed that at 100% charge, my new MBA shows about 6 to 7 hours of battery life. When it goes down to about 94%; the battery life remaining goes 'up' and shows about 8 hours. What's bothering me is the varying battery life the machine shows at 100% charge (I've been through about 4 charging cycles - from 100% - to about 8% before charging it again). Also the 'remaining time' keeps on going up or down based on the type of applications I run. I've been only using - Sparrow Mail App, Adium & Chrome or Safari for 90% of the time.

I took the machine to Apple's service center and they did system check by connecting my machine to Apple's servers directly. The system check reported everything is in 'good' condition. The service engineer told me that the battery life of the machine will get better with charging cycles and asked me to do full discharge 100% to 0% (until the machine shuts down on its own) whenever possible. He said it should see the results by the time the battery completes about 40 such cycles.

The only thing I've not done so far is actually measure the time the machine runs on battery.

I wish to know-

  • Is it normal for a new MBA (2013) to show ~ 6 hours of remaining life with only safari running?
  • Does the life improve with charging cycles?
  • How reliable is the 'remaining time' indicated by Mavericks when you click on the battery icon?
I thank you for reading my post and I look forward to your answers. Any feedback/input/suggestion would be appreciated.
Regards, Kaustubh