Microsoft Should Compete With YouTube

I believe Microsoft should offer a YouTube competitor.

Why should they do this? Well apart from competition being healthy. Many people are starting to avoid Google services over privacy and/or ethical concerns (tax avoidance etc.); and with recent changes to the YouTube comments system and integration of Google+ some users are frustrated.

But where else is there to turn? Well there are many alternatives already in the market such as DailyMotion and Vimeo. But these video services are not taking off enough to become full competitors to YouTube.

So what can Microsoft do differently?

I believe a deep integration into the Windows, Windows Phone ands XBOX operating systems could be enough to push the platform.

They could integrate the video recording system with DirectX and allow live streaming / recording directly to the cloud as well as recording to local disk, along with including video editing software in Windows.

Microsoft are already planning to ship XBOX One with a video sharing feature so this could simply be patched to include an option to allow users to share the video on the new service.

Windows Phone would probably be very similar to how you currently share videos to YouTube from mobile devices. However, considering how Google are blocking the Windows Phone platform from having a decent YouTube integration, a well integrated alternative could be welcomed by the ever-growing Windows Phone market share.

I believe that, if executed well, a video capture/edit/share/view all in one service integrated into the suite of Microsoft applications could be a decent competitor to YouTube.