The Nexus 5 is the phone I deserve, but not the one that I need

NOTE: My previous phone was an iPhone. Yes I'm an Apple fanboy but I am extremely open minded to other platforms which is why I'm trying out Android. Also note that I am not a native English speaker so I apologize in advance if my English is terrible.

This is actually a Nexus 5 review coming from an iPhone user by the way ;)

Initial impressions:

As soon as I heard that the Nexus 5 was released, I ordered it. I held my iPhone 4 in my hands and thought, it's time to try something new. A week later, I finally got my phone and I was extremely excited. The specs are a beast, everything runs buttery smooth. I haven't noticed any lag either. Google Now and they keyboard is a godsend. Much improved from my iPhone 4 (Which btw is still running iOS 6.0.2 as I refuse to give up my jailbreak). I've been using it for a few days now. After putting up with my iPhone 4 for several years I decided to finally switch to an Android device. I made the right choice.

Days later...

There's NO difference between a JAILBROKEN iOS device and an Android device. Okay obviously there is a difference but for some reason I find myself enjoying customizing my iPhone more. Perhaps it was just familiarity, I thought. Then I looked through my apps and realized there are more on my iPhone than on my Android. Fair enough it was a compromise, not every app available on iOS is going to be available on Android. It's two completely different ecosystems. This is when I thought... Man iOS and Android are genuinely the same.

Customization struggles:

You're joking right, Google? Perhaps the Nexus 5 isn't pure Android, it's pure Google but really, I detest the way that software keys look. I immediately changed its appearance using Ultimate Dynamic Navbar. I installed Nova Launcher and purchased Prime. I thought to myself, finally it's time to start to truly customize my phone. I changed a lot around but then... went back to the stock look. I kept the launcher however as I prefer it to Google's standards. There are tons of gripes I have with the launcher including the lack of the ability to organize my apps NOT in alphabetical order. If there are other launchers that do this that's cool but I purchased Nova Launcher Prime so I expect more features. Overall, customizing would have to come later when I learn more about the Google ecosystem.

Rooted! Or did I?

So I searched how to Root my Nexus 5 and I rooted it. Now what? Basically it was the same as not rooting it for me. Then again with Ultimate Dynamic Navbar I needed root access, perhaps I should look more into this but it wasn't really a game changer to my phone as of yet.

Differences, differences:

Don't get me wrong, widgets are nice to have and I absolutely love live wallpapers but overall.. It feels the same as my iPhone. Weird right? Remember though my iPhone is jailbroken! But the whole customization that I can do on an Android I can do on the iPhone, or even better. Sure it's much easier on an Android but since I came from an iPhone it feels a bit more tedious. Perhaps I just have to get used to it.


The amount of games that I wish were on the Google Play store is growing. I loved The World Ends With You and Mika Mobile games such as Zombieville USA 2 and OMG Pirates! Just aren't available on Android. The list doesn't stop there as each time I go on TouchArcade there are new apps that I wish were coming to Android but... aren't (Oceanhorn being one of them) which is a bit frustrating as I am a gamer.

*NOTE This doesn't mean iOS is superior or anything of the sort. It's solely a developer's choice to develop for whatever platform they want.

However, the games that ARE available on the Google Play store run smoothly. When I play Modern Combat 4 I only noticed a bit of a slowdown during intense combat during multiplayer. Dead Trigger 2 also looks pretty, and playing it on a 5 inch screen is like HEAVEN coming from a 3.5 inch one.



- Hardware is excellent
- I love the camera
- Extremely smooth and fast
- Google Now is much better than Siri (Having tried it on my girlfriend's 4S)
- I'm getting more accustomed to using Google's services
- I can browse the Play Store using just my web browser


- Since I use a Mac, I have to use Android File Transfer which I wish Google spent more time on
- Camera software is a bit laggy. Hopefully Google fixes these issues
- Battery life is terrible

Damn I love my Nexus 5. I love the camera despite the app being a bit laggy for me. I love Android but I strongly believe that there are no differences between a JAILBROKEN iOS device and Android. Nevertheless I found myself itching to use my iPhone again. However I'm willing to give Android a try for at least a few years before giving up. After dealing with aging hardware the Nexus 5 is certainly the phone I deserve, but not the phone I need. There are no major gripes that I have with this phone, only a minor one and those can be ironed out through the usage of my phone. As of now it is like a surplus of a phone since I still find myself wanting to use my iPhone. A very positive surplus.

If I had to rate this device out of ten I'd give it a perfect score. I love Android, and I love iOS (jailbroken of course xD) I'm just glad I finally took the leap to try out Android for the first time.