Are Macs really that expensive anymore?

When debating between Macs vs PCs people always talk about how Macs are more extravagantly priced than PCs are. But is this argument really relevant anymore?

If you take a look at the PC market today you'll find plenty of laptops priced the same or way higher than MacBooks are. The ones that are cheaper are usually slammed for cruddy keyboards, trackpads, etc.

Macs have been consistently rated highly by most websites, especially for their keyboard and trackpad. Although they don't come with touch screens, I use a Surface Pro 2 at work and I can assure you that the touch screen market isn't ready yet. Metro apps still aren't powerful enough and it is atrocious to use desktop apps like Photoshop and Dreamweaver without the awkward stylus. Macs tend to come with far better chassis and screens (except on MB Air because of resolution) than other laptops I see at places like Best Buy.

The Mac also comes with iLife and iWork if you buy one brand new, which while they aren't as good as professional software like Pro Tools or Lightroom, do what at least 95% of people need them to do. I have yet to see any software that works as well as GarageBand on Windows for free.

But thing that really makes Macs truly worth more to me are the little things that aren't noticed at first glance. The multitouch trackpad gestures are rock solid and wow any PC using friends I show to. I can just drag and drop files directly into applications and they just work. If I want to copy part of an image from Preview, I don't need to crop it and then copy the whole file. And as far as I know, there isn't anything like Exposé or Mission Control or Spaces on Windows, and Macs seem to handle full screen apps better than Windows 8/8.1 does.

Of course, Macs do have their drawbacks, like lack of software like JCreator and far less games; however, more and more games are coming to Mac and I've noticed plenty of companies (eBay, etc.) are deploying Macs to employees, meaning more enterprise software is coming. Of course I can also triple boot into Mac or Windows or Linux or whatever the hell I want.

So, what do you think? Are Macs that expensive anymore? Apple has kept the price the same or lowered the price of its Macs while most PC prices have been skyrocketing over the years, and Macs keep their value better than any other computer. Is the "Macs are overpriced" argument relevant today?