Software and Services in 2014



I want affordable useful space in the cloud. 5 gigabytes is not enough and their pricing is way to high if you want to up your data (+10 GB / $20, +20 GB / $40, +50 GB / $100).

Let me store my iPhoto library in iCloud if I'm paying for enough data. Photo Stream is a mess right now.

Make the iCloud API simpler for developers to implement.


I'd like Siri to actually feel like an assistant. So many times I've had my hands full and I try to use Siri and she disappoints. Like Nilay said about Kinect voice controls, it's embarrassing when it doesn't work. Siri needs to be more reliable and useful.


More improvements in accuracy. Better traffic and public transit information would be great. Indoor maps could potentially be very useful. I remember reading a few months back that Apple bought a location company that was able to pinpoint location within a building very accurately using wifi. That would be so useful at festivals and conferences.



iOS 7 was a huge leap. I'd like next year's update to feel more incremental. The OS could use polish. Attaching Touch ID to iCloud Keychain would be great. I'd also like to see Apple open the Touch ID API up to developers.


It's been almost a decade since Mac OS has gotten a visual redesign. I'd like to see the OS resemble iOS in style without losing functionality.

Bringing Siri to the Mac could be very interesting if done right. It's pretty much the last service that hasn't leapfrogged from iOS to OS X.

Apple TV:

The current interface needs work. I'd like to see a modern redesign that improves functionality.

An App Store could disrupt the industry.