The best thing about Apple that no one copies.

Its not the products or the services its the business model of Apple and I wish other companies did the same.

All the product lineups of Apple are so simple and free of clutter. While there certainly are exceptions but mostly you can simply figure out which product is where in the hierarchy by looking at the names only. Even when there are exceptions it doesn't cause a problem since you are not left comparing half a dozen different products.

You know how much of a terrible experience it is trying to buy a windows laptop? My god these OEMs just don't get it you have laptop names that make no sense at all and there are usually a dozen variants with just one letter difference between the names. That also makes finding reliable reviews for that particular model so much difficult.

I mean you tell me what on earth is an Asus K56CB? Now when I search this model I see on the ASUS website that there is also a K56CA and K56CM variant. What is an HP Pavilion 14-N004TU? If someone asks me what laptop to buy and I want them to buy that how does one say that without over whelming the other person?

Similar case is with all the android OEMs although Apple is on the extreme end in this one by not offering any choice at all in mobile devices so I am not quite sure if I am on any side here.

Mind you I am ALL for giving consumers more options but not so much that it becomes a complete cluster fuck like the laptop industry is. An average consumer can walk into an Apple store and easily decide for themselves what they want and that I believe is what makes Apple such a unique company.

This is what other companies should try to follow, give options all you want but try to remove products that are essentially duplicate with just very minor differences. Gotta find the right balance between choice and cluster free portfolio.

You know why Apple isn't selling the iPhone 5 anymore? Because its essentially a duplicate product to the 5C and would make no sense at all to be selling both at the same time.