i just bought a surface rt and it rocks!

I just bought a first generation surface on sale at Best Buy. It was an impulse decision. I updated to 8.1 right away. It has stopped a couple of times to update and patch.

I am becoming a believer. It is different than my Ipad2 that I gave to my son. I replaced the iPad with a chromebook. Last years Samsung with the phone arm processor. The chrome book is a great device although a little limited. The strength of the chromebook is the voice integration. That is what this device is missing. I did install the Google voice app to replace some of that functionality.

This is an in between device and about perfect. I did not have to suffer through the first version of the operating system. I am able to enjoy the platform after the upgrade.

The flexibility and power of this device has been greatly underrated. It ships with a full office suite and I can type quickly holding it in portrait mode.

I will confess I have not moved my corporate desktop from Win 7 Pro. I now see the draw of 8.

This was built for touch. The gestures take a little getting used to. Once you get it it is magic.

My 12 year old immediately offered to give up his IPad 3 to his brother to get the last gen surface rt. He understood it immediately.

I asked if he would miss his apps. He answered "who needs apps when you have a full browser." I agreed. It was a very astute observation for a 12 year old.

I am actually thinking Microsoft might actually be on to something here. I might give this to the kid and buy one with higher pixel density on the screen. I believe it is the devices only shortcoming.

It needs to be priced with competing android devices and it can win. It can not compete dollar for dollar with iPad, and that is a shame. I think this is a more powerful device.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Windows 7pro on the desktop use a chromebook daily.

This is a great computing platform. WINDOWS Rt please survive.