Proof that The Verge listens to its readers...

Few days ago I posted a suggestion on the Android forum ...

Talks escalated as usual, but most people were rational and some viable suggestions were voiced.

And the editors were listening... and made reasonable changes.

Joshua Topolsky

Joshua Topolsky

Editor-in-chief, The Verge

I have added updates to both the camera section and closer of the review noting the improvements made to the camera. Changing the score, on the other hand, would set an odd precedent since we must review the device we’re given — not one we’ll get in the future.

We are actively working on better ways to keep track of updates to products as they relate to our reviews, and I openly welcome suggestions on how we can do a better job of tackling these kinds of problems while staying clear and honest with our review scores.

and then this happened



just letting people know...