Metadata Editing for Movies, TV Shows, Videos on Plex

Metadata editing for music makes sense, as most of them already have those data attached to them, but for Movies and TV Shows - the metadata section is often empty unless it is a file from the iTunes Store, etc.

Notice info inspectors on mainstream players like VLC, Quicktime, etc only display metadata information which are music eccentric ie Artists, Albums, Track, Disc. This means video metadata is an obscure thing which we really at this point don't need to worry about especially when you are using something like Plex which does that work for you albeit not embedded into the file itself but rather on to the XML that points to the file.

Apart from looking pretty on Finder with some artwork and it would be great if metadata was searchable through spotlight - I don't see much point in taking the trouble to add metadata to all my TV Shows and Movies.

What do you guys think?

PS: if iTunes search would pick up metadata ie like Actors, supported more file formats, and integrated with DLNA - I would be using it instead of Plex and probably wouldn't mind editing metadata.