A Really High-Quality Case for iPhone 5?

I've using iPhone 5 for almost a year now, without any kind of case. I broke the screen once, so I have a glass screen protector. ( which will sacrifice itself for the actual display glass in case of an accident).

Everyone has different preferences and opinions, so I have nothing against iPhone 5/5s users who choose to put whatever case they want. But for me, I really feel that it is almost insulting to cover it with a case that is not as meticulously crafted as the phone itself. For months and months I've in search for a high-quality case that truly complements the iPhone 5's design... but to no avail.

Would like to recommend some really good cases for iPhone 5 if you know or have seen one before? I don't want to scratch it any further... the resale value depends almost entirely on that! Pls help me out here!