Miix 2 or Venue 8 Pro for a gift?

Christmas are comming and I'm looking for a gift for my brother in law. He likes Android and Meego (and gadgets in general - quite tech savvy), but is open for other operation and eco- systems.

Recently, in a talk, he mentioned he needs a new PC, because his current one (probably old EeeBox PC EB1501P) is too slow, especially for Lightroom. He's on a very limited budget, because he just took a credit for his new apartment and all the money is spent on the renovation.

Initially, I considered buying him a new Nexus 7, but in this case, full (tablet) PC would be much better solution, IMO.

What are the main selection criteria?

  • It should be full PC replacement for light computing (basic photo editing, browsing, some legacy x86 software)
  • Nice design (he pays attention to detals)
  • It should be cheap, but well built

The obvious choices meeting these criteria are Miix 2 and Venue 8 Pro. There are advantages and disadvantages of both devices.

Miix 2 - good:

  • HDMI out, so you can charge device while using external monitor. Very important.
  • Thinner, lighter.
  • Good screen out of the box

Miix 2 - bad:

  • fu$#@ ugly stickers on the back. WTF Lenovo?! Anyone tried to remove it? Is it possible?
  • No active digitizer.

Venue 8 Pro - good:

  • Active digitizer
  • Better (listed) battery life (?)

Venue 8 Pro - bad:

  • No HDMI out - big problem with using it "docked" with external monitor
  • Poor screen quality out of the box

Guys, some of you have or at least played with this devices - what are your impressions and suggestions? Any other pros and cons I've missed? Has anyone tried Lightroom on Bay Trail?

Or maybe I should consider buying him (more expensive) Asus T100?

Your recommendations would be much appreciated.

PS: Another mini PC or cheap laptop is not an option - he's not a fan of this solution anymore. And such gift would be booooooring ;)