Is Microsoft planning to make Windows RT/phone free?

This is being reported by Paul Thurott on his site.

I'm still trying to verify some other information I've received—what if Windows RT/Phone was free

There are numerous rumors that Microsoft is planning to merge Windows phone and Windows RT which was hinted by OS lead Terry Myerson and devices lead Larson green. This might be part of Threshold update which is coming in spring 2015.

So may be they are planning to give the license for this (Windows RT/phone) free.

In my opinion this makes sense. Microsoft themselves admitted that they are making $10 for WP license. Now many OEMs are keeping distance because of license fees and less no. apps for the platform.

Making it free may attract the Chinese OEMs like Lenovo, ZTE, Oppo who are selling huge no. of phones. Also, I am expecting samsung, LG, HTC to put more efforts in WP if this is true.

What do guys think about this?