Best iOS email (gmail) client?

I am really unhappy with my current email situation. I'll try to keep this short:

  • Apple Mail - No labels, sometimes messes up threading
  • Gmail - no unified inbox, weird notification badge behavior, takes forever to refresh
  • Mailbox - Cool features, but I really don't like the idea of Mailbox having full access to my gmail account and information. Furthermore, if there servers go down/have issues, you might not get your mail delivered until they are working again (has happened to me several times)
  • Sparrow - almost the best of the bunch... the only for me is that it can't check for email on its own. Hell, I'd even be fine with having it fetch it every hour, but having no fetch ability makes it a nonstarter for me.

And before any suggests: no, I'm not going to leave gmail. The main reason is because my university email system is gmail-based, so switching my personal email account to something else would only make my situation more disconnected.

What are you guys using? I've heard about boxer, seed, etc. are they any good?