Apple iPhone 5S

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Reviewed by yaotly (Currently owns)

The most remarkable thing Apple did with the iPhone 5S was to change everything while appearing to change almost nothing. The processor’s faster, the camera’s brighter, and the software’s a little smarter. But rather than club you to death with features to prove just how many things this phone can do, the iPhone 5S simply does everything it did before, better. Even the new things feel integrated, and obvious — Touch ID has quickly come to feel completely natural, and slow-motion video now feels notably absent from the iPhone 5. There aren’t two dozen different multitasking systems or countless camera modes; the 5S is just more capable and more intuitive than ever before. It’s easily the best iPhone ever made, and maybe the best smartphone ever made.

The Breakdown

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  • Design 9
  • Display 5
  • Camera(s) 10
  • Reception / call quality 9
  • Performance 10
  • Software 7
  • Battery life 9
  • Ecosystem 8
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