Doubts and more doubts. Help required.


As my username tells, and before we have to address it time and time again, I have and enjoy a Macbook Air. It was the best choice for me, I like it a lot. In fact, I think that Apple produces the best products on almost every category they compete, by a large margin. Here, I said it.

Having said that, it doesn't mean that those products were for me. Since I wanted a mobile device for general web browsing, email, facebook, casual games, music and twitter, and I actually love Google's vision of Android, I felt a mid range Android device and a stock based ROM were the right choice for me, especially once price was considered.

I love Android, it's fantastic. Google provides a lot of value.

However, I found a few problems along the way that I would like to address:

- My device, a s3 mini, was supposed to have 1gb ram and 8gb Storage. I don't know what other users would think, but for me it was clear: I would have 1gb ram, and the OS installed on a 8gb disk. But no.

The user only has 800 mb of RAM for OS and apps. What happened to the 200 mb?

The OS, apps and docs run on a 4.5gb partition, because Samsung has a hidden unnaccessible 3.5gb partition that the user has no rights to access. When I bought the phone, it only had 2 gb for the user. F*cking pathetic.

You can wipe the device, root it, install another rom, clear internal storage, but you can't use those 3.5gb. Anyone knows how to access that partition?


My other "problem" is related with UI. I like Google Apps, I bought an Android phone, to use Android. So... Why so many apps do not respect the design guidelines? It's a nightmare for novice users. Why are Facebook (messenger) and the new twitter app trying to bring the iOS looks instead of developing true Android apps? Why isn't Google enforcing some sort of policy to correct it?

I actually prefer iOS, but only on an iPhone, and I made my decision when I bought an Android device so I find it stupid when developers are so lazy and incompetent to not respect the platform they are developing for.

If apps so important as these were on iOS with a holo theme, Apple would bring hell to them. I don't know what Google is waiting for.

I mean, just compare the g+ app with the facebook app or (especially) hangouts Vs messenger. One is done right, the other is a monstrosity on Android.