Google's Creepy Line Increasing

Your plus activity on posts within G+ is made available to extended circles by default - so that means anyone who is connected to someone on your circle can see this info. Generally this is great because you are basically broadcasting what you like so others can follow you and you can build your G+ network - of course this is also very good for Google. But on the other side, do you really want to broadcast to everyone that sexy picture, political post, or other sensitive issue you instinctively liked? Yes, yes you can change this to only me and by leaving at default and making an announcement about it first, Google was hoping many people would use it. I disabled it not long after and deleted all my public +1s.

Have you seen how your G+ activity appears on someone in your circle? It is seriously creepy, Google suggest your contacts, your YT subscriptions, your liked videos, etc to everyone who is following you. Since you have no control over who follows you, you have no control over who sees what. So I am really uncomfortable to do anything on Google products because Google thinks its ok and "social" to broadcast everything even things I don't want broadcasted.

Commenting on YT is now public by default and automatically posted to your profile by default, yes you have to consciously make an effort to keep it on YT only. If someone saw a sensitive video on YT, it was because he/she clicked on it, if someone saw a sensitive video on my G+ profile he will say I brought him/her there - that is difference.

Recently announced, you now have a profile of your reviews, pluses, and stars on play store content within the Play Store itself. Its great that I can now keep track of my own user feedback on Play Store in one place and I hope they keep it private. I know reviews, pluses, stars on content along with installed/purchased content have long been suggested to those following you but a single public place where anyone can see whatever you do on the Play Store is something I am not a fan off. Already there are some suggestions from fanboys to have it publicly accessible - I don't know if these guys think very far or don't care about their privacy at all regardless it appears it they would willingly bend over for anything Google shoves them up with.

My Google+ is as private as it can be, I only really use it for hangouts, communities, and to get updates on Google product pages. Removed anyone I know on it and refuse to add any, sadly I can't do much about those who follow me. I rather keep Google+ as a private network though its getting harder to do so.

I guess I am paranoid, and I am probably the only one who opts into a social network to be unsocial in it. But with a name like Google, the obvious business model, and stigmas behind it, you can never be not paranoid unless privacy isn't an issue. I have good reasons to be paranoid - I was a Google fanboy, I still like their products and I don't mind the data mining if only it is kept private between me and Google and offered anonymously to their advertisers, though I feel that is also changing now. But, it is the lack of control that freaks me out over Google's social things. They still suck at social, the product is fine but the concept is just too much. Initially at launch it was a clean alternative, but slowly Google has increased the creepy level.

Even regular Google employees, those who are not within the Google+ department or outside of Mountain View uses it, at least not as actively as Gundotra who is obviously using it because its his job.

I think if Google keeps this up, I will rather keep my privacy and opt for a more private ecosystem with Apple. Hey, my privacy can't be bought and I would pay money to protect it even if I had to pay a premium.