What is the status of a social security in Google+ service?

The questions are simple, answers should be easy to give.

1. How and to who Google+ reveals G+ profiles you have add/follow?

You find a profile you want to follow, to who your list of followed profiles are shown?

2. Does Google+ reveal Your profile to public when someone adds You? A someone adds your profile to their contacts or to circles, who can see that they have added/following you?

3. Does Google+ reveal contacts added to same circle to others in that circle?

You have created a new "Circle of X" named circle (circle name is not revealed to circle members) and you add five profiles to that circle. Does all five circle members see each other?

4. Does Google+ still enforce dangerous real name and profile picture publicity?

Bullying or bad behavior isn't stopped or reduced with "real name policy". Does Google+ allow nickname or pseudonym, what is linked to your real name what is hided from others but Google so you get all features of Google+ (sharing pictures, videos, commenting etc) without forced to have a Google+ page as addition to your Google+ profile?

5. Does Google+ allow to or more profiles to use OTR (Off-The-Record) encryption where after specific time/session the conversation is deleted?

You want to just contact specific person and ask few questions or deliver information. But be sure that after discussion is ended by either party (clicking "Terminate discussion" -kind button) everything happen in it is forgotten?