This is a strange feeling..

.. but I'm really starting to get back into the Microsoft ecosystem. And I don't mean starting to use it, I never really stopped, but for the first time in a long time I'm actually enjoying it again.

I've been split between Windows (work PC, game PC), Apple (home PC, iPad), and Android (phone). I tried Windows 8 out when it first arrived, and bloody well hated it. I put it on a browsing system when 8.1 came out, and I don't know if it's the changes in 8.1 or just getting used to it, but I really started to like it. I put it on my gaming system at home and am pleased with the result. I really only use my iMac these days to browse the web and watch the occasional Netflix (it's starting to feel like a waaaay overpriced item for those uses).

As for the tablet, I currently have an iPad 2. It's very hard to adjust to the horrible resolution after getting spoiled by much higher density displays, plus it really feels too big. I've been using my Droid DNA for couch browsing more ever since I got it. That MS deal from a couple of days ago inspired me.. I didn't get the deal on the Venue 8 Pro, but my wife is getting me one from Amazon for xmas. Which should match the xbox one I'm also getting.

As for the phone.. my wife has a Windows phone, but to be honest I think I still prefer Android for now. I'm just not seeing anything that compelling to make me switch. Oddly, the Android feels more 'microsofty' than the Windows phone.

All in all, though, I'm really enjoying the ecosystem again. I guess the tablet is a wait and see thing, but I've been reading that everyone that has it is very happy with it. In any case, it feels like they've really taken old complaints about how they missed an opportunity to tell a story across different platforms, and tie them all together. It feels like we're at the ground floor of a convergence for them that will last a long time, and I'm pretty stoked!

Back to your regularly scheduled posts.