Sims cards in Canada; Questions from an American

Ok Vergers, I have some questions and hopefully someone out there has answers for me.

I live in the US, and starting next year I will be traveling to Canada for work fairly regularly (every other week or so for 3-5 days), and starting in March or April I will be living there mostly full time. I will be almost entirely based in Toronto and the nearby surrounding area. This brings up the issue of my personal cell phone use while in Canada.

I currently have a Galaxy S3 with Verizon, and my contract is up in the beginning of July '14, (I don't plan on renewing with them, I'll probably switch to At&t so I can use the Nexus 5 that I have). This phone is currently mostly useless in Canada without WiFi access, as the roaming charges are pretty high. I also have a dumb flip phone for work that works fine here, however, it's for, you know, work.

What I'm looking for is the best solution to give me personal cell phone use while I'm in Canada on business. So far here's what I've looked at.


  • Verizon has some options for enable Canada and Mexico use on your plan.
  • As far as I can tell this is $15-$25 a month to get call minutes and texting between the US and Canada/Mexico, and mentions nothing of data.
  • Am I missing some of the options here? Are there other options that get data coverage?
  • Even if this did include data, how would the coverage/speed be?

Wind Mobile

  • I've also looked at Wind Mobile and getting a cheap sim card and plan through them. I'm thinking I could get this sim card and use it with my Nexus 5 (remember I already have this). This does have a couple of issues as well tho.
  • I would have to basically juggle back and forth between 2 separate personal phones, depending on what country I'm in. Does anyone have any good solutions to this?
  • This might also result in my having 2 separate phone number for each phone. Is there anyway I could port my number to Wind, but keep the same number on Verizon as well? Basically I'm think I would just only use 1 sim at a time and just activate the proper one for the country I'm currently in, but I don't know if this would work.
  • Is Wind Mobile any good anyway?

Sorry about the long winded post, I may be thinking way too much about this. I appreciate anyone who takes thetime to read this whole thing or give me some answers. Thanks in Advance!