81% of enterprises see the same major #IT failures over and over - What Gives?

We're all about technology performance here at Compuware. After all, companies spend billions annually on IT to serve their customers, move their product and operate their business. But for most (all?), they find themselves perpetually fighting their technology to get it to work as promised. We hear the stories and see our customers living it on a daily basis but wanted to see just how pervasive the issues are and which way they are trending. Portions of the results are presented in the following infographic. The balance can be found at www.compuware.com/techfail

Fundamental questions: If the average major tech fail comes in at over $10 mil in negative impact and occurs over and over again, can you afford to not get out in front and make performance engineering an intrinsic part of your organization?


via www.compuware.com