A more powerful Xbox One with Thunderbolt Crossfired 7790s? A Thought Experiment for the Future.

With the inclusion of the Kinect 2.0, Microsoft had to mitigate the price of the console to be competitive towards Sony's offering. Unfortunately, graphics took the brunt of the price reduction. I understand the reasoning for bundling in Kinect, due to it's fantastic novel use of interacting with an operating system, but graphics should not have come secondary. I know graphics are not necessary for a great game, but they greatly assist in the immersion of the virtual world.


I believe Microsoft should have included a way to increase the power of the Xbox One within the console itself, not simply utilizing the cloud. The approximate theoretical numbers for usable bandwidth from the cloud comes to 1 MB/s in the US, which is nowhere near enough for a graphics improvement while keeping super low latencies. A built-in port, a Thunderbolt port for example, would allow for an external graphics card to be attached.


Now developers have two graphic fidelities to target. PC developers have been targeting a wide range of graphics hardware along with two different manufactures for many years now. Microsoft and AMD could have engineered and released a 7790 add-on card within a fan-based enclosure to allow for crossfire capabilities. Older games could be updated with a patch from the developer to enable crossfire while newer games would have the capability from the get go. AMD could partner up with Microsoft as the true next-gen gaming conglomerate and push it's new Mantle technologies. I see a win-win here for everyone.


The gamer may have to shell out an extra $100 for the add-on, bringing up the total cost of the console, but look at the total price spent after games and accessories. The price between the consoles have a smaller ratio after all is said and done. Microsoft could have kept information on the port in NDA and let a rumor out on the ability of the Xbox One to be more powerful in the future while keeping the price closer to the competition.


Do you think Microsoft should have gone in this direction or maybe even in a redesign for the future? I'd like to hear some developers and hardware engineers take on this idea.

Thanks in advance for all your feedback.

My posts copied from Xbox One forums.