Calling The Verge's most business savvy

Quick summary: I studied computer engineering so I don't claim to know anything about business, which is why I'm here asking for your honest opinion.

For the past 6 months I have been working on an app that aims to improve the experience of using a touchscreen Windows 8.1 device. The app is called TouchMe and the concept is simple: add universal gesture support throughout the OS to facilitate common tasks.

For example, to go directly to the desktop from wherever you are, simply pinch out with 5 fingers or pinch in to go back to the Start screen from wherever you are. Actually, the beauty of it is that it's entirely customizable, so you can map over 30 gesture (more to come), to all kinds of actions, including any user-defined keyboard shortcut.

My problem:

I don't know what my pricing model should be. This is a tool that enthusiasts would use all day long, but my grandma couldn't care less. So I would say my audience is similar to that of Stardock's ModernMix.

So my questions for you:

What should the trial look like: How long? Limited/unlimited? etc...

Would you pay for a tool like this? If so, how much?

Be honest. And don't worry. If you download it now, you'll always have a free license for it (gotta show love to the beta testers somehow =])

You can find it here: