Yoga vs S7

So I`m thinking about buying a new laptop and I ended up with two models:

  • Lenovo Yoga 11S (not 2 Pro)
  • Acer Aspire S7 (the updated Haswell model)
  • Update: Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro

I`m absolutely sold when it comes to the Yoga hinges. I can see myself actually using them, but I`ve heard some negative opinions about the keyboard (which I will be using a lot) and I am aware that this is last-year model (well, not actually, but it`s some kind of evolution of it, with the successor already there).

When it comes to S7 I love the resolution and having a Haswell but at the same time I can`t find an actual functionality in the touchscreen display and I hate the price drop of this thing (almost half the price it cost last year with 3rd gen, at least in my country). But, big disclaimer, I have yet to try it out. Also, the build quality seems to be quite amazing, many say - comparable to MBA also because of the thinness.

So, do you have any experience regarding any of these two products or is one of them your personal favourite (if so, why ;) )?

PS. I`m absolutely aware that this isn`t a fair comparsion as those devices have two different price points as well as there`s a gap between release dates showing off in an older CPU. What`s more, the screen sizes are not the same.