Moving to or Away from Windows Phone?

Part I

I'm curious about the people who have moved from other major smartphone platforms (iOS and Android) to Windows Phone, mostly because of the fact that these people leave a lot of apps and some features behind. As a Lumia 928 owner I cam see why people would might migrate over, such as the great hardware, low prices, smooth performance, UI and photography experience, however, is the lack of apps, "real" notification center and other tid bits worth it? The answer will vary per person, my answer is it is well worth it, but some will have the exact opposite to say. So, if you have a Windows Phone now, or are planning on getting one, what platform did you/ are you coming from, and why did you decide to make the switch?

Part II

Of course there also seems to be a lot of people leaving, or planning on leaving Windows Phone as well. I've seen a few comments along the line of "if WP 8.1 doesn't bring WP up to par with Android and iOS I'm jumping ship". I can understand why some may wish to do this, there is certainly some things that are lacking in the Windows Phone, but is gaining them worth losing the Nokia hardware, cameras, UI and other charms, again the answer varies for different people, but my question here is what platform do you plan on switching to, iOS or Android, and why. For me, it would be iOS, because I wouldn't want to lose that smooth experience, it has all the app, and there are actually certain aspect of the UI that I really liked, icons aside.