Miracast Performance? (Dell Venue 8 Pro)

Hey guys.

I recently got a Dell Venue 8 Pro for my dad who will be using it to teach an online class. He also wants to connect it to a monitor/TV and while displaylink can do this you cannot charge the device at the same time and that does not make it a proper desktop. At first I thought MiraCast was bad and something more like remote desktop which is incapable of doing decent video and/or gaming level frame rates. But after watching some videos of MiraCast with Surface 2, I came away impressed. But in some comments I read that people were unsatisfied with the performance of it. Can you guys tell me your experience if you use MiraCast on any device (even better if with the Venue Pro).

Also can you guys recommend any good MiraCast Recievers? I would be looking for portability as I want to quickly move it between monitors and TVs.